mandag den 18. januar 2010

wedding photography Denmark - vores store dag

For wedding photography to become a success it is important that good vibrations exists between you - the wedding couple - and the photographer.
It will improve your posing and simply feel relaxed and present, which will also inspire the wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is a very personal and intimate thing which we feel very privileged to work with.
It feels very natural for us in every way to be present among people on the great wedding day, and to become one with the crowd and portray all the emotion and happiness.
It also is like second nature to us when the situation demands that we dictate the course of action, for example when doing the wedding portraits.

Shifting between these roles is a demanding aspect of wedding photography, since you cannot hide behind the camera and do your thing. You must be very extrovert and be able to handle all kinds of situations and people. This is something that we master - to the great satisfaction of our customers.

We have many years of experience in wedding photography and have a lot of routine - in a good sense.
By good sense we mean routine as a great bag of tools, mindsets, situation handling measures and so on.
And we are always excited at every single wedding.

Unfortunately some photographers tend to attend the weddings with an attitude that this wedding is just another job.
What can we say... Does the wedding couple not deserve better?
This is the greatest day of your lives - and we respect every aspect of that and will always do our best to memorise the day - photographically.

Every wedding is unique and it is a great feeling to be co-creators of great life-lasting memories that will warm your hearts in the years to come. And every wedding picture is essentially.
Together to create a mood and feeling that will make your wedding day and wedding photos unforgettable.
That is what it is all about.

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